Entry Rules


The Shades of Gray gallery show is an exhibition of Fine Art Black and White Photography. This jurried show is not a photo competition. There will be no categories in this show. The judges of the digital entry images will each get one Judge’s Choice Award to present to their favorite image at the opening reception. There will also be a People’s Choice Award voted by the visitors to the gallery.

The judges will be instructed to score the image entries on content impact and B&W tonal quality, with the emphasis on the impact of the content.


Entrants are allowed no more than three digital images into the show. Each entry image will be $15.00 and is not refundable. 


All prints selected for the show must be priced for sale. We will be requesting prices about two months prior to the opening of show.


All sales proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to ANMPAS.


Go to the link below to access Smarter Entry who handles the image uploads and payments for this show. If you have not entered an ANMPAS or Shades Of Gray show you will need to create a free account with Smarter Entry.


Tips for entry:

Send images that are sized 1-2mb at approximately 8x10 inches.

Make sure that your images are titled correctly so that you will not have to go through this process more than once. See example below:


Do not sign or print your name on entry images.


To enter the show, click this link: SMARTER ENTRY


If you have a problem with the entry system, please contact us at: shadesofgray.anmpas@gmail.com

Or call: Todd Hakala @ 505-321-5104. 


Presentation Rules


The printed image, without mat and frame, should be no smaller than 11X14 (approx.150sq/in). It should not exceed 30X30 inches or 900sq/in.

I recommend a mat of at least 3 inches and a frame of at least two inches. The frame and mat sizes are my recommendations, but you may use other dimensions if it is done tastefully.


The use of glass, acrylic or neither is up to the artist.

Mats will be white, black or any shade of gray that you choose. Absolutely no color in the mats.


Metal and canvas prints will be accepted if they are framed just as the conventional images. They also do not require glass or acrylic fronts.

Frames should accentuate the photographic art not detract from it.


All accepted images must be in a plain (non-ornate), wood or metal black frame. Fiber or plastic frames will not be allowed. Glass is optional on all frames.


Mats must be black, white or gray. Absolutely no color is allowed on the prints or mats. Sepia, selenium or other color toning will not be allowed.


All frames must be wired correctly, wire must be two inches from top of frame, and ready to hang in the gallery.