Kent Winchester


About The Photographer


Believing, as he says, that the invention of color photography is

evidence that human progress is not inevitable, Kent Winchester

takes every opportunity to make and print black and white

photographs. Black and white work possesses a timelessness

that color photography cannot match. Often a work in color is

about the color as much as the content of the photograph. Black

and white photos hold a level of abstraction that compel a focus

on the content, the form, and the tonality of the work. They

invite us to explore the meaning of a place as well as the place


Mesmerized by black and white photographs of cumulus clouds

since his father gave him his first camera — fortunately most of

the photographs from that early period in his life do not survive

— he has been photographing and learning from this land of

clear light and towering thunderstorms ever since. Life, like

photography, is not always black and white: shades of gray exist.